Line in the sand

The glistening line in the sand where the wave ended on shore is a curved line he crossed to simply etch his footprints in the foam.
I only allowed him and the egrets to cross that line
before their feet dampened with regrets.
Do I regret the footprints he left?
How could I?
One day, the prints will disappear and all I will see are the egrets again. But this time, they will be soaring without worry of lines in the sand.

Pale limbs

The aged water looks new
under the gleam of the sun today.
I dip my pale feet into
the ocean hoping my legs will
tan with the reflection.
The salted water makes the sand darker and smoother
like I want my legs.
Afterwards, I wash the sand from my ankles and see
two grandmas talking to their granddaughter about Eeyore. Someone left their swimsuit, they say.
I didn’t even bring mine to lose.

Rap Song

This is my lame attempt at a rap song! We had fun at work today and a coworker was putting song titles for a coffee musical!

She made dank foam,
a hottie making a lattie,
for the suits in ties getting high
on the espresso yourself machine
one cup at a time,
she whipped it up with more driz for the kidz
riding the milky white way
It’s all going to be okay she sang
It’s all going to be okay she sang