Pows and bangs are a part of the course, I thought.
I didn’t know how I got all my bruises and scrapes.
I have never been a still water, always a running brook physically and mentally.
I vacillate opinions, gliding from one rock to the other.
No one can catch me.
But it all ended on a Saturday in August when a fat duck did not defend its territory in the backyard.
I asked for a Band-Aid like a child and started to heal one wound at a time.


I was a fly in the bakery case just whizzing around the cakes and tarts.
At first, I enjoyed the chocolate croissants, but after gorging myself I suddenly realized I was trapped by glass.
I couldn’t get out of the glass box and people were looking at me with disdain.
It seems I annoyed everyone and they tried to shoo me away.
I was confused and started to have a crisis of conscience. Why was I so miserable when it seemed to be a paradise of heavenly treats? I just wanted to be outside and free in the wind.
All I could do was nibble on a cheese danish and wait for death by psychological warfare.
Then, I took my medicine and decided I’d live and wait until the glass door opened and make my exit.

Lest I forget

Lest I forget and the memories of my life vanish in a dust storm,
I will keep trudging along and dare to ensnare life in words and images.
Perhaps it is futile, yet, when I am older and smiling in a hammock, I can look back on my life
And find meaning in the mundane and the supernatural alike.

Making Change

I like truth wrapped in gauze. I want to save every layer of the flimsy paper for a beach night bonfire at the very end and watch it aglow.
I will stand holding hands with the love warriors and wait for this special night to unfold.
It is coming next year as I turn 41.
It is exactly a quarter, dime, nickel, and penny. I will take one of each to make the change towards truth.