A lie is a lie
Even when told over again
And over again.

I was thinking about this during these Orwellian times when a character assassination has taken a life of its own during the election season. Hillary is about as crooked as a rod. It seems we are holding her to a higher standard and maybe this is because she is a woman and the first woman to become a nominee of a major party. I get it. We dream of the first female president should be a flawless diamond to cut through the glass ceiling. But sometimes glass ceilings are shattered in other ways. We don’t need a fantasy jewel, we need a shovel who has been in the soil for 30 years and getting dirty.

On a side note, I am awfully glad I took this experiment of writing a poem a day during an election year!!!

Mirror Image

When I look in the mirror, everything changes. My dimple is on the wrong side. My part is on my wrong side. My artistic eye is on the wrong side. My freckle on my lip is on the wrong side. My good breast is on the wrong side. My scar in the shape of an asterisk is on the wrong side. But for all the wrong sides, I look better in the mirror than I do in a photo and I wonder what God was thinking. I will never know.

Quadruple Haiku

I have been reading an excellent nonfiction book “The Dragon Behind The Glass” by Emily Voigt. She is an amazing writer that captured my attention immediately with her descriptions of the colorful characters in the fish world. I love when writers have me laughing out loud and thinking at the same time!!!
I am having a hard time coming up with a poem today. I had the day off and
went to the beach and people watched. One child ran off and started messing up another child’s sand castle until his mom picked him up and put him back on her beach blanket. The other child did not care because she was having too much fun anyway. It was cute to see him being dragged off though.

Quadruple Haiku
He ran off to play
with another sand castle
but was sent back home.
They looked so tempting
he had to smash the towers
and pick off the sticks.
The little girl kept
sculpting her torn down castles
with a careful eye.
He was dragged away
by his mother on her hip
and had to stay put.