The Rarest Love

Bleeding heart doves with slate grey wings and a red badge dripping from its breasts, pumped out the last of their lovebeats.
Their love was the rarest in the world.
And we got to witness it.

I read the book “The Rarest Bird In The World: The Search for the Nechisar Nightjar” by Vernon R.L. Head from South Africa. His story of his expeditions in remote areas of the planet simply to witness the beauty of rare birds is one of the most poetic and inspiring books I have ever read.
After watching the news last night and hearing of the tragedy of the young LGBT people who came to celebrate on a Saturday night and were murdered and injured I felt incredible despair.
And then I remembered the book. And I thought like the author of the “The Rarest Bird In The World,” maybe I witnessed a rare species of lovebirds and will get to know the beauty of the people that lost their lives.
I guess I am just trying to make sense of this mad world like everyone else.

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