Clear vision

It is so easy to be a cynic.
It takes the will of God to take the shroud of Turin and wipe off spotted glasses.
When you put on freshly cleaned glasses, you can see the clear promise of miracles in every breath.
Some are wearing rose-tinted glasses and can’t let go of pie-in-the-sky dreams, and others are wearing glasses that they don’t need to fit in with the crowd, but there are those like me with stigmas who need a clear vision for the future.
The stigmas of being a different color, or having a different brain, or being the wrong gender, or even loving the wrong person can make some glasses foggy with confusion.
Yet, the struggles and stigmas are real.
Maybe one day, we won’t be afraid of what we see when we correct our vision.
Maybe one day, there won’t be a cynic in sight and we can get on with the beauty of love.

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