Gnome Magic

She is a gnome artisan in a hateful society with trolls in the comment sections and wicked witches in charge.
She concentrates to make each beard look fluffy,
colors their eyes joy blue,
and carves their smiles so we can smile back.
Maybe she could be creating a bronze sculpture of a robed man to be displayed under glass at a sterile museum, but she thinks differently.
She wants her pieces to end up in over grown yards to be rained and sun-drenched upon.
She thinks there is magic in everyday laughter.
When we grow up, we will make gnomes.

Alien Love

He was from a royal bloodline of an alien species.
I bowed to him with my hair wrapped in a crown.
Yet, he was so human to the touch.
An otherworldly love to be soaked in temporarily.
I was drunk on alien love for a few nights.
And then he went back in his spaceship and left me
all by myself on this lonely planet.

Odd ducks

Odd little duckies
Swimming in the lake.
One falls behind,
The others get sick.
Odd little duckies
Eating in the lake.
Two fall behind,
The others get sick.
Odd little duckies
Talking in the lake,
Three fall behind,
The others get sick.
Odd little duckies,
Dancing in the lake,
Four fall behind,
The others get sick
Odd little duckies,
Singing in the lake,
Five fall behind,
And Phew, No one gets sick.

Plugs and Sockets

What do I want to be plugged into?
The third dimension of love or a never-ending movie with unoriginal plot twists.
My attempts at plugging into love have only been met with static and noise.
I want to create a pure white light.
But I need to find the perfect plug or else I will be stuck with tiresome reruns.
It will take a special one to burn an enduring flame so we can watch together an untamed love story until the end.