Rude, Crude, and Undesirable


Rudeness is an ignorance of the heart.

It rips away at the seams of civilization.

The selfish needs of a few are greater than others.

It is a seething anger directed at innocent people.

It is a crudeness of the soul that makes everyone feel worse about themselves.

The condition of rude, crude, and undesirable starts in the family and ends with strangers.

And as they say in the song, the stranger the better. But you can never get away with it. You will just have to come back around again and wait your turn. And we know how rude, crude, and undesirable people love to wait patiently for another trip down to earth. We aren’t getting out of here alive, so we better make the most of it.




Long lost coffee pot

You have the glistening Dulce coffee beans but no coffee pot.

But where is your long lost coffee pot?

The coffee beans are inside you and you just have to unlock their potential.

Just like love, coffee is essential.

If it isn’t at home or at work, I will be an imaginary creature.

Pick one that has a sneak-a-cup feature.

Pick one that isn’t too big or too small on the counter.

Take care of it and fill it with filtered water and you will have a loving encounter.

Pick one that speaks to you and will wake you up in the morning with a kiss of warmth on the lips.

Everyone needs a reliable coffee maker for your morning total eclipse.