Feeling Left Out

I grew up in the farmland shadows of Silicon Valley.

No cell phone, no computer, only friends had those things.

I graduated college without a computer.

I used pens and notebooks to write notes during lectures.

The world spun too fast on its axis for me to catch up while I worked on my inner life.

This poem is dedicated to people like me who feel left out.


All I have our words and thumbs,

And they fall short.

The days of newsprint on my fingers have vanished.

Now,  papers are good for lining bird cages and making papier mache.

It is a dusty game where I don’t know my place anymore.

Memories are all I have,

And they fall short like time and place and setting.




One thought on “Feeling Left Out

  1. For those who follow Dao, it is natural to feel outside the world and alone. But those who live a worldly life do not know Dao. Followers of Dao find a treasure more valuable than any worldly treasure. They would not exchange this for anything in the world. It is their great source of happiness and energy.


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