I wonder what the weather is like in Limbo.

Is it forever winter there? Or is it a continual season of Plum rains?

Do they give out coats and scarves for tender souls? Can the Limboites visit us in disguise?

My imaginary boyfriend would have brought the sunshine with him to these parts if he were alive.

But now, I will never hear his stories.

I don’t know why I miss him.

I did not really know him in a typical sense. He was scared to come into my life, but he always laid there on the fringes with an open invitation.

In life, he had more friends than me, a better job, and a nicer family.

Was it the worst of the seven deadly sins, that gut-tucked monster pride?

Perhaps it was mere hopelessness that led him to Limbo.

I hope to see him again when the weather down here is better.




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