Hotline Bling Reimagined

I used the rhymes in Hotline Bling by Drake to create a new poem.

It was a lot of fun, but I like Drake’s song better. It was an assignment for my poetry class.


You used to call me on my

You used to, you used to


We used to have a kitchen phone.

The kids could get entangled in the cord of love.

We could talk for hours on the phone.

Calling friends and family over the lines of love.

There was dinner time and talk that didn’t mention bling.

There was this thing.

Called integrity and defying the bling.

There was this thing

Our city,

Has a reputation for crime now.

People are left out.

Mothers take opoids because their lives are stressed out.

The grime of the city, has started wearing me out more.

Now there is grinding on the dance floor.

The likes of twerking I’ve never seen before.

We are not talking at parties but looking at our cell phone.

Children acting out because they need our love.

We hear the bad news of death on our cell phone.

Late at night we all need love.



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