Gutter Balls

I have been hitting gutter balls up until now.

The trajectory of the ball always slid to the left and ended up in the left gutter.

My athletic prowess was slim in the league, with a score of a mere 41 points.

One of the youth took my fun orange ball away because it was too tiny and fit for teeny hands like mine. I didn’t know I had been using a ball for children all this time. In a nanosecond I realized it was time to grow up.

The new adult-sized key-lime ball had a different feel in my hands. It proved to be lucky.

This magic ball doubled my score.

Even when my ball went into the gutter it hit a slain ball that wasn’t captured and hit the last standing ball, giving me a spare.

Now, with my new ball I can knock down my problems.

I think I will like this human thing called a league.




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