She was a stranger who let me into her life.

Her long hair was always golden and twisted in a braid,

And her thin body could climb up poles and make it to the second story of a building.

She was a passion-filled mother who could wear skimpy bikinis and slinky dresses out for cocktail parties.

But on the inside of her mouth, she had eight cavities marring her effervescent smile.

She filled her mouth with denture glue to keep her teeth together in the morning.

The acid from throwing up in her 20s at the nightclub bore vicious holes in her teeth.

Her daughter came home with her two front teeth missing soon after her dentist’s visit.

The cute toothless grin of a child is so blissfully unaware.

What would the tooth fairy put under her pillow?

Strangely, the few dollars were under her mother’s down pillow because the little one didn’t want to sleep in her own bed.

The tooth fairy could be said came for both that night.

One for loss, and one for renewal.




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