Gay Marvin

Her only friends were the Idaho moons and Marvin’s music.

She danced constantly to Marv’s music.

So much, she started scaring herself.

But she couldn’t stop dancing. She sneaked to dance, even hid behind thickets to dance. She wore her soles down.

Marv would catch her when she thought no one was looking. He became concerned and thought about her condition. Soon Marv could do nothing else but think of why she danced. He would sneak to think in bathrooms and in cafes and on sidewalks.. She would catch him thinking and laugh to herself.

Suddenly, she felt very sleepy and went into a deep slumber for days. Marv still kept on thinking by her bedside. He scared himself because he couldn’t keep his mind off her fancy dancing. He watched her smiling to herself when she slept. When she woke up she laughed and seized Marv by the ears.

Marv was terrified because she only wanted to dance with him now. He would pretend he was asleep. She started dancing on his back and wiggled her toes in his spine to try and wake him up. When he opened his eyes, he played the guitar a softer jazz on the quiet storm. She stopped dancing and just curled her toes.

It was over between them. Now her only friends are the moons in Idaho and the Motown memories.


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