Here is my attempt to write a lipogram using only the vowel A. My first try.

An L.A. day a la stars.

A day at La Salsa Palm spa sass and grand.

Splash abs and arms.

Stars all wan at play, at last a stag tad fat lardass.

Mags snap brawn and backscratch all-chalked stars.

Stars act a jackass at award sham.

LA crank pants and bastards talk about babes, craft, cash, and art.

Clam hands and cramps at bash.

Crack pad shack and crazed Kansan transplant as daft man stalks stars.

A flap as cams snap.

Man slays and stabs at ball, all harm and harass.

Gasps and scars.

Card says JLaw.

JLaw stands away at ward.

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