A lone kite

A lone kite-flyer on a winter’s day at the beach.

I walk across broken shells at low tide and spot several orange starfish in tide pools.

A woman with loose hair walks her dog on a leash.

Who would have thought there would be any land across the vast ocean in the first place?

I have a long grey sweater to keep warm.

The isolation of  winter is a freedom from the crowds during the summer time.



2 thoughts on “A lone kite

  1. An excellent poem. Editorial advice: Change “the” to “a” in first line; eliminate “the” in second and last lines; and, possibly “a crisp breeze; I have a long grey jacket to keep warm. I love the surprising 4th line — a real standout and makes you think. The overall metaphor works well. I too am a lone kite flyer! Great work! You could publish this poem. Just start sending it out. You could audit a poetry class at your local university, probably for free, too, in order to get real professional feedback. God going, Marilyn.


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