My Prescription Plan

This year, I am not making resolutions, but rather, I am making a “Prescription Plan” for 2016.  Each year, my resolutions tend to look the same: lose weight and exercise more. It hasn’t served me well. This year I am making a Prescription Plan to simply create more healthy and fun moments that I enjoy in the year 2016.

My Prescription Plan is as follows:

-Play outside more.

-Walk along the beach and rest.

-Walk barefoot in the grass and enjoy the trees.

-Eat more grapefruits.

-Visit the elderly.

-Learn a new skill.

-Read poetry at night.

-Watch less television.

-Be kinder.

-Take more pride in my work.

-Call friends instead of texting.

The Wind Interpreter

The wind speaks its own romance language and she can interpret all of its breezes, gales, and tempests.

When the damp ochre leaves fall and the porch swing rocks with a ghostly presence, she writes her calculations in the air with her index finger.

The wind proclaims that the cold moon is coming, a new year will begin, and the bliss point on the dial will change once again.

Next year, she will be polished like silver tongs selecting the perfect ingredients for her life. The mystery of love will be temporarily unlocked.

While the north winds warn and the westerly winds resurrect, she will again triumph with trumpets and troubadours.

The tempest of transformation is upon us all.



I strung a turquoise and silver necklace and created an earth-toned memory bracelet dotted with off-white pearls for Christmas presents.

I wrapped all the treasures in gold foil wrapping paper and sent cards that read “Peace On Earth.”

At night, we watched a Frank Sinatra special where we memorize the lyrics in order, “A puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn, and a king.”

We ate too much Italian chocolate and ignored the news of hate.

It’s our favorite time of the year with our fir tree creating a candlelit ambiance.

Christmas is coming and then a long season of campaigning.

People applauding in town when a rich man wants all Muslims banned from entering the country.

They say, he tells it like it is.

They say hate is the truth.

Jesus died for our sins, but did he die for our collective stupidity?

The traditions of the election season are coming. Bumper stickers, flags pinned on lapels, speeches that end with God Bless America.

This year, seems off to a different start. This year they stir up fear wrapped in the cold four-chambered hearts of the naive stashed in an envelope of ignorance.

It is the start of an unknown future where the pale men and women want to replace the dark-skinned man and fight a war on terrorism with no end.

It started when people stopped reading.

It started when they unfriended someone they disagreed with.

It started when their anger and not their intellect formed their opinion.

I need this Christmas and sacred holiday traditions before the momentum of applause for hate turns violent.