Deformed Angels

Long after they said their goodbyes, he said he would glue back together her Norwegian angels.

The three deformed angels, with their halos askew, golden wings clipped were in a box in his storage unit she left when she moved back home.

He glued the porcelain pieces of her angels together again and wrapped them in bubble wrap and sent them to her in the mail.

Like her, the ugly-cute troll faces managed to still be in one piece after her many moves, but the other important parts were injured.

She was one of her fragile angels he repaired back to life. Crippled and unable to spread her wings.

She came to him fractured living a vicarious life.

He took a year to revive her again and rearrange a halo on her head and solder the wings back on so she could fly again.

The Christmas season will be complete this year with her broken angels reassembled on the mantel. After much wondering why it didn’t work out, she will now celebrate the many messiahs in her life.



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