Step Speech

We had our chance to shake his hand and we were too shy.

But we walked through the bushes and were first to say hi.

He came in likes a storm on a windy footpath.

His white hair blowing in the wind, he walked up the stairs on an anti-warpath.

He spoke of peace, tolerance, and free college for all.

The crowd clapped in approval but no one has a crystal ball.

Will the dream of the small gathering come true?

Will peace prevail and truth in politics reign anew?

No one knows.

So many choices and so many seeds yet to be sown.

Will the rich just get richer, and the poor keep getting poorer?

Is he the man with a plan of integrity or are they all many shades of the fuhrer?

Who to check in that ballot box come election day?

All the dreams and hopes of millions who think they have no say.

Let us be good in our thoughts and pray.


This is about my experience seeing Bernie Sanders give a speech on the steps of the Miller Center at the University of Virginia. It was a brush with a prominent politician and I will never forget it. I felt like he was someone who you would want to have over to your house and talk about politics with at the dinner table. But there are so many options this year. I am keeping my mind open and listening to what each candidate has to say.


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