Miserable in Paradise

Little Judith lived in the most beautiful village in the whole world. It was a place called Ogden where butterflies were extra colorful and iridescent and the water was so clean it was like bathing in spearmint leaves.

There was tennis on the rooftops, skiing on glaciers, and surfing in the turquoise ocean all in the village.

What more could a sheep want?

It was always sunny in Ogden, a perfect temperature for any activity year round.

One day, Little Judith decided she was bored with perfection. She wanted to venture outside the city limits into a mysterious land.

Little Judith thought, “Hmm, I wonder what else is out there for me?” She said goodbye to all her friends and they wished her well. None of her friends knew what else was out there in the arid land outside of Ogden.

As soon as she crossed the border, a warm wind enveloped her and she got a tingle down her sheep spine. A slight fear overtook her suddenly, but she shook it off her fur coat.

She entered the unknown.

First, she saw a green spiny plant that was the shape of an oversized thumb. She wondered what it was and touched the cactus, but cacti are prickly and it hurt her hand.

Her throat was very dry and she was parched. She came across a little oasis and decided to bathe in it and drink the water. She got muddy though and her beautiful fleece white coat was brown. The water tasted awful, not like spearmint leaves, and she spit it out. She started to miss home.

Next, she came across a boulder to sit on and rest. Oh, how she was tired. A little rest would be so nice. She sat on the boulder, but it was blazing hot from the sun mercilessly beating down on it. She quickly jumped off the rock in a flash.

She thought to herself, Ogden was paradise. How could I have been so bored with tennis on the rooftops, skiing on glaciers, and surfing in the ocean? I should try to make the most out of paradise. All of my friends are back in Ogden, and out here in the unknown I haven’t met anyone except cacti, muddy water, and a hot rock.

She skipped back to Ogden with a new attitude. She took a cool shower, ate fresh blueberries, and hit the slopes with her friends. It was a perfect day in paradise because she made the most of it. She would never take Ogden for granted again. She was happy to be home.


Wouldn’t it be nice to live in Ogden? Many people think they will be happy if only they lived somewhere else. I used to think this and moved to many places. I met the same people only with different names and faces. There is the expression, “Bloom where you are planted.” I really like that and now have fallen in love with the city I live in and her residents.


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