Talking With A Pencil

The first day of school wasn’t going well.

It was the third time that morning that the teacher Ms. Banks told Evelyn to be quiet.

Evelyn couldn’t help herself. She had so much to say. She wanted to talk to her friends about their opinions on the color of macaroni and cheese, what they were doing for their birthday, their favorite hideout spots, and what they did during the summer.

She had so much news to tell everyone and she wanted to hear all about her friends’ lives.

There was so much buzz in the classroom that Ms. Banks stopped during the middle of the class. She began passing out blank white paper to the students.

“What is this?” Evelyn said.

“Since everyone has so much to say, we are going to simply write it down.”

But Evelyn was puzzled. She stopped talking. She stared at the blank piece of paper. She tapped her pencil on her desk.

“But Ms. Banks, I have nothing to write,” she said.

“But Evelyn, all you do is talk in my class nonstop. You obviously want to communicate and writing is just another form of communicating. What were you talking about?”

Evelyn said, “How I went to the amusement park this summer and I even got to ride the log ride because I am tall for my age. We got our picture taken and I was screaming but my brother looked scared for his safety. Then I went on a roller coaster that went straight down and I didn’t even get sick. We saw fireworks that lasted for 30 minutes and then ….

Evelyn continued talking and talking.

Finally, Ms. Banks said. “I want you to write everything you just said down on paper about your experience. You are just writing without a pencil. Pretend like you are talking to me.”

Evelyn thought if it is just like talking but with a pencil, then that sounded fun. She wrote a whole page.

Ms. Banks gave her an A for the assignment.

Evelyn was so happy. She was really going to like this school year.


I was always being told to be quiet in class just like Evelyn. This is for the students who are just like and love to talk.

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