A Scarf Life

A scarf has many lives.

In the winter, Sheila wears a blue scarf to keep warm. Brr! She wraps it around her neck to keep warm and toasty.

In the springtime, Sheila juggles green and orange silk scarves on the playground. She is mesmerized by the beautiful colors swirling in the spring air.

In the summertime, Sheila ties a yellow scarf around her waist over her polka-dotted bathing suit. A sarong for the summer, they say.

In the fall, Sheila is styling and profiling in a glittery silver and gold scarf and a pink headband. She loves to dance around and twirl the ends of her scarf.

For every season, there is a scarf.

So wear a scarf on your head, your neck, your waist, or your shoulders and be as lovely as Sheila. So put on some music and dance with a scarf in every season.


I have always loved scarves and I thought this story might be good for really young children who are learning about colors, seasons, and body parts. So put on some music and dance with a scarf with your little ones! Enjoy.


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