The Day I Wished I Had Stayed In Bed


I woke up and popped right out of bed and put my favorite pair of jeans and T-shirt on.

I wasn’t paying much attention and didn’t realize my shirt was inside out.

I walked to school and wouldn’t you know a monkey came out of nowhere and slapped me on my right cheek.

I was scared, but I managed to escape the monkey. I thought that was odd.

After school, I went to the hair salon to get a haircut, and another monkey wielding scissors chopped off my long locks when I only wanted a little trim. I was so upset, but hair grows back I reminded myself.

I met my friend to study at the library and who knew that monkeys ran libraries? This little monkey kept talking loudly and we couldn’t hear ourselves think. I shushed the monkey, but he kept talking. How rude, I thought.

Then, we walked to the swimming pool. We got into our swimsuits and sunbathed for a while. It was very relaxing. I walked by the pool to go to the bathroom, and dog-gone-it another monkey came up behind me and pushed me in the deep end. Everyone laughed.

I dried off and we put our clothes back on and decided to get some ice cream. I got mint chocolate chip, the green kind, and my friend got pink bubble gum ice cream with real gum balls in it. I went to lick the frozen treat and rats! A monkey tripped me and my scoop of ice cream flew off the cone and landed on the hot cement.

I thought, these monkeys are sure coming out of the woodwork today.

After my friend enjoyed her ice cream, we went to the movie theater to see the latest dinosaur movie. Monkeys surely don’t go to movie theaters. I thought we’d be safe. We bought our tickets and took our seats and waited until the lights turned dim. As soon as the movie started, two monkey hands slithered around my face and covered my eyes. I tried to peel them away, but the monkey hands were covering my eyes and I couldn’t see the dinosaur movie. My friend said the movie was good, but I wouldn’t know.

We walked home. I was on the lookout for any monkeys lurking in the bushes. I made it home and my front door was locked. I knocked on the door. In fact, I pounded on the door for someone to let me in. There were monkeys on the loose! My mom finally opened the door.

She said, “Hi honey! How was your day?”

I said, “I wished I had stayed in bed today.”


During class, we were discussing that every story has a problem and a solution. The assignment for the day was a story where the title is, “The Day I Wished I Had Stayed In Bed.” We were thinking of all kinds of problems for this kind of day. One student blurted out, “You could be slapped by a monkey.” It made me laugh! So I wrote a story for him about mean monkeys.

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