Scaredy Cat


Andrew was a scaredy cat. He was afraid of everything. His paws would shake at the slightest noise.

He was even afraid of his sweet-smelling toys.

He was scared of tall things, small things, fat things, cat things, yellow things, mellow things, round things, hound things, square things, and even pear things.

He was scared of people that lived in the house. Even Tina the little mouse.

Even though the Rosen family was quite nice and lovely and fed him white cheese in the morning because the yellow cheese was not his favorite. Not even cheese would please Andrew the scaredy cat.

Andrew was a big-time, good ol’ scaredy cat. But he liked to snuggle with the Rosen’s youngest son, the cat-loving Matt. He was not too tall or small and he liked to shop for cat toys at the mall.

One day, Andrew was tired. All that work of being scared and full of fear, left Andrew weak and on the verge of tears.

So he had to take a cat nap. But the Rosens’ youngest son was at school so he thought he would curl up by the window with a view of the pool.

He had a strange dream that he was eating yellow cheese and was very mellow. He was sitting on the Rosen’s father’s lap and did not bat an eyelash while taking a nap. He was playing with cat toys that were round and square and not one of his hairs was standing up. He woke up and felt like a totally new cat. In Andrew’s dream he was brave too. Some say little Andrew had a vision. He felt he could overcome his fear and he looked proudly at himself in the mirror.

So, that afternoon. He did something he never did. Andrew chased Tina the little mouse. That’s right. The little mouse with her tiny hands and feet eating yellow cheese and not saying thank you or please. He did not catch the mouse, and he did not even know what he would do with a mouse in the Rosen’s house. He stared at the yellow cheese that the mouse had dropped as it scurried away and picked it up in his paws and then popped it in his mouth.

He thought, he thought, he thought. He did it. He picked up something yellow and was as mellow as an Irish fellow. He was a new cat. He purred a gentle purr and licked his pretty white fur.

Then, Andrew had another thought. Tina, the mouse, is a scaredy mouse, just like me. Instead of scaring the mouse and stealing her cheese, he thought he better make nice and give him back his cheese. So Tina and Andrew became friends till the end. They both were not scared of anything or of each other anymore.

Now scaredy cat wasn’t scaredy anymore. He was brave to the core. And that is the story of Andrew, the scaredy cat who overcame his fears, and had no more tears.


We wrote scary stories and the students really loved it. We started the story with, “It was a dark and stormy night and ….” Each child wrote a few sentences and then turned it over to another student. There was a lot of mention of Halloween, skeletons, and strange noises. When we read the story out loud, one student scared everyone by turning off the light quickly. It was great.  I read them my story of Scaredy Cat and they liked that it rhymed. Maybe I should write more stories that rhyme! I heard people think you are being more truthful if something you say rhymes. Remember, “If the glove doesn’t fit, then you should acquit.” Johnny Cochrane, the lawyer for O.J. Simpson, used this rhyme. I don’t want to comment if O.J. was guilty or innocent, but I find the power of rhyming interesting. I say more lawyers should rhyme. It is high time for more rhyme!


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